Monitor your business in real-time – amazing business insights and sales analytics to measure performance and help you really find ways to improve

A dashboard that is customized for your business to make smarter decisions each day

Smart analytics
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Use our pre-built matrices and widgets to view what you need to analyze.


Matrices give you brief view of analytics e.g. Monthly Revenue, Total Subscriptions, Total Customers etc.


Widgets will help you see a detailed view of sales analytics along with graphs and lists e.g. Top Performing Team Members, Top Scoring Leads, Monthly Recurring Revenue, etc.

Matrices & Widgets

Marketing Analytics

Give your marketing team the power of intelligent data to make actionable predictions on marketing your products and services.

  • Leads Generated via Campaign
  • Email Click Rate
  • Hot Leads
  • Landing Page Visits
  • Emails with best open rate
  • Top Converting Forms

and many more

Marketing Analytics

Sales Analytics

Your sales team will now be able to see the fruit of their efforts in tables and charts and derive insights from them to drive your business forward!

  • Top Performing Team Member
  • Deals Won Over Time
  • Monthly Revenue Over Time
  • Plan By Revenue
  • Average Deal Size
  • Won Deal Ratio

and many more

Sales Analytics

Data is everything – let us prove it to you

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