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Key Features of EQUP That Maximize Law Firm Efficiency

From case management to automated workflows, EQUP allows law firms to optimize operations, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional client service.

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Client Portal
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How EQUP Helps Law Firms Stay Focused Towards Success?

With intuitive features and customizable tools, EQUP ensures that law firms can stay focused on delivering exceptional legal services.

Law Practice Management

Centralize client information, experience smooth communication, and automate different legal processes with EQUP to achieve greater efficiency and profitability in legal operations.

EQUP acts as the central nervous system for your entire caseload. It allows you to create a digital contact for each case, where you can store all relevant information like client details, contracts, deadlines, and communication history. Your lawyers can easily access case-related information, monitor progress, and assign tasks within EQUP.
  • Digitally store case files in the form of contacts with vital info in a secure location
  • Assign tasks, set due dates, and track progress by team members.
  • Quickly find specific case details using various filters.
  • Upload, organize, and securely share case documents.

EQUP stores comprehensive client profiles that include contact information, case history, communication logs, and even document preferences. Lawyers can use this centralized data to personalize communication, track client interactions, and segment their client base for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Centralize client data, including contact details, case history, communications, and billing.
  • Easily segment your clients using various filters.
  • Maintain a complete record of client interactions, such as emails, calls, and meetings.
  • Group clients to develop targeted marketing campaigns and nurture relationships.

Upload, organize, and categorize documents by case, client, or any other filter within EQUP. It streamlines collaboration by allowing team members to access and annotate documents in real-time. Our advanced search functionality allows lawyers to locate specific documents quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time spent sifting through physical files.
  • Upload, store, and retrieve all types of legal documents.
  • Categorize documents by case, client, date, or any other filter for easy retrieval.
  • Share and request documents securely from clients within the software.
  • Access important documents anytime, anywhere, on any device with EQUP.

EQUP allows you to define and manage your law firm's specific legal services by creating standardized workflows for each practice area. Create detailed profiles for each lawyer within the firm and include their specialization areas, years of experience, educational background, and past successes. Integrate their booking calendars to allow clients to view available appointment slots and schedule consultations.
  • Create and manage your firm's specific legal services.
  • Create detailed profiles for each lawyer within the firm.
  • Integrate booking calendars into lawyer profiles for easy appointments.
  • Enhance client experience with transparent pricing and convenient consultation scheduling.

Draft and upload legal agreements with customizable templates, pre-populating client data, and securely sending them for electronic signatures. Clients can conveniently review and sign agreements from the client portal, ensuring faster turnaround times. EQUP acts as a central repository for all legal contracts and signed agreements, making them easily accessible anytime and from anywhere.
  • Generate, customize, and upload agreements with case specifics and client data.
  • Securely share and request e-signatures via a client portal.
  • Clients conveniently review and sign agreements online.
  • Centralized storage of signed agreements in EQUP for easy access and security.

Boost Performance, Productivity and Profitability with EQUP!

Streamline your workflows, optimize client management, and improve operational efficiency to achieve greater success in your legal practice.

Sales Management

Track leads, convert them into clients, and unlock growth for your law firm. EQUP provides you with actionable insights into client acquisition metrics, allowing you to optimize your sales strategies and drive success.

EQUP offers convenience by allowing potential clients to schedule consultations directly through your firm's website or client portal. This feature integrates with your lawyer's calendars, displaying real-time availability. Clients can effortlessly browse available appointment slots and book consultations with their chosen lawyer at their convenience.
  • Potential clients can browse and book consultations via your firm's website or client portal.
  • Customize booking options for various appointment types and durations, including online intake forms.
  • Automated confirmation and reminder emails are sent to clients and lawyers.
  • Provide a convenient, user-friendly booking process to create a positive impression and streamline consultations.

EQUP allows law firm owners to track the progress of leads through various stages, like initial inquiry, consultation scheduled, contract sent, and retention. Your sales pipeline can help you identify the potential blockages and prioritize follow-up actions. You can also create custom pipelines and automate them through workflows.
  • Customize and monitor progress using Drag-and-Drop pipeline stages.
  • Task prioritization and follow-ups are tailored to each deal's stage within the pipeline.
  • Detect blockages in deal stages that could impede conversions.
  • Create custom pipelines and automate them through workflows.

Manage your legal team's calendars centrally, ensuring appointments don't conflict. You can easily schedule meetings with clients, colleagues, or opposing counsel. You can also manage appointment schedules for free consultations for clients through EQUP.
  • Show clients real-time availability for free consultations by syncing with the firm's calendar.
  • Centralize management of all incoming consultation requests and assign them to the appropriate contact.
  • Offer clients the flexibility to choose from various appointment types and durations.
  • Allow clients to book appointments 24/7, on their own schedule.

EQUP’s client portal allows your clients to conveniently upload documents, track case progress, and communicate with the legal team, reducing the need for lengthy email exchanges or phone calls. This portal also comes with features such as online bill payment and appointment scheduling, offering clients greater convenience and flexibility in managing their legal matters.
  • Share, request, and securely store case-related documents within the portal.
  • Give your clients ease to schedule appointments and make online payments.
  • Your clients will get a clear overview of upcoming tasks and deadlines associated with their cases.
  • Reduce repetitive inquiries by offering clients a self-service portal for accessing updates and information.

Track key metrics like case volume, time spent on matters, lawyer productivity, client acquisition channels, and even revenue generated by practice area. By analyzing these insights, you can identify areas for improvement and make informed strategic decisions about your firm's future.
  • Generate comprehensive reports on a wide range of metrics, like lawyer productivity, etc.
  • Gain a quick and clear overview of KPIs through interactive dashboards.
  • Filter your data by practice area, lawyer, client type, or timeframe.
  • Gain valuable insights into your firm's strengths and weaknesses.

AI-Powered Automation

Automate law practice management by streamlining routine legal processes, saving time, and enabling legal professionals to focus on more strategic and high-value work for their clients.

EQUP enables you to establish your law firm's operations from the outset, establishing and automating workflows and specific parameters. Once set up, it seamlessly operates on autopilot, streamlining your business processes.
  • Create and configure automated workflows to streamline repetitive tasks of your law firm.
  • Set up triggers based on specific events, like legal inquiries, appointment bookings, etc.
  • Schedule and send automated emails, SMS messages, or train bot for personalized communications.
  • Save time, reduce errors, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall experience of your legal services.

Create and automate entire workflows for various aspects of your legal practice, from client intake and onboarding to document generation and deadline management. With the ability to set triggers for automated actions based on specific events, such as client inquiries or case milestones, firms can ensure timely responses and reduce manual errors.
  • Automate routine tasks such as sending agreements for signature, requesting documents, etc.
  • Create a cohesive and efficient work environment by automating task assignments, notifications, and reminders.
  • Provide faster response times and improved service quality by automating client communication, appointment scheduling, and follow-up processes.
  • Gain valuable insights into workflow efficiency and performance metrics for continuous improvement.

With EQUP, law firms can create targeted campaigns for SMS, email, and WhatsApp, allowing them to reach clients through various communication channels. By leveraging our marketing automation solution, firms can personalize messages, schedule delivery times, and track campaign performance in real time. EQUP allows them to nurture leads, generate interest, and convert prospects into clients through automated, multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Reach your audience where they are by creating personalized email campaigns, crafting targeted SMS blasts, or sharing engaging WhatsApp sequences within a single platform.
  • Schedule and automate your marketing campaigns, freeing up valuable time for other crucial tasks.
  • Set triggers based on specific criteria, such as website visits or form submissions, to deliver relevant messages at the right time.
  • Create personalized messages using AI that resonate with each recipient for better engagement and conversions.

EQUP allows legal firms to create accurate and detailed invoices based on billable hours, flat fees, or other billing arrangements, ensuring transparency and clarity in client billing. They can customize invoices to reflect their branding and compliance requirements, providing clients with clear and timely invoices, and strengthening relationships.
  • Create professional-looking invoices tailored to the firm's branding and client needs.
  • Set up recurring billing schedules and automate invoice generation.
  • Integrate with online payment gateways to streamline the payment process.
  • Provide clients with access to their billing history and invoices through the client portal.

User AI to answer frequently asked questions about your firm's services, schedule appointments, and even collect basic client information during the intake process. By automating routine inquiries and tasks, AI chat bots free up valuable time for legal professionals.
  • Provide 24/7 client assistance with an AI chatbot answering inquiries about firm services, practice areas, and fees.
  • Pre-qualify potential leads by engaging in conversation, collecting essential information, and routing them to the appropriate team member.
  • Automate tasks such as scheduling appointments, collecting information, and sending basic case updates.
  • Capture leads 24/7 and pre-qualify them through chatbot interactions.

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