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From the initial 'Hello' to the final 'Goodbye,' stay connected with your clients with in-app calling. Record and transcribe each call to refine your services based on valuable insights from past interactions.

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How To Streamline Outbound Sales Processes Using EQUP’s In-App Calling

EQUP allows your sales teams to efficiently manage outbound calls directly within the platform, simplifying communication with customers for faster sales cycles.

Call Flow

Close Deals Faster with Smart Call Flow Automation

In-App Calling

Make and manage calls within EQUP, facilitating efficient communication and quick response.

Call Recording

Securely record important conversations, providing a documented record for each call.

Call Log

Get detailed insights into your calling history, including duration and frequency.

Call Transcription

Automatically document calls with searchable transcripts, enabling efficient post-call analysis.

Optimize Sales Calls with Call Flow

Restructure interactions by creating a customized list of questions for calling agents to ensure consistent and efficient engagement. Our call flow feature helps your team guide leads or customers through meaningful conversations through a prepared script of questions.

Boost Conversion Rates

Reorganize your sales conversations by guiding calling agents through structured scripts and key talking points.

Streamline Onboarding with Efficient Training

With predefined call flows and templates, new hires can quickly grasp effective sales techniques without extensive training.

Improve Call Quality

By guiding agents through essential talking points, EQUP helps them focus on delivering value to prospects, leading to more meaningful conversations.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Your call representatives input customer responses during calls, triggering predefined actions within EQUP automatically. These actions encompass initiating campaigns, workflows, sending estimates, and more based on preset parameters.

Simplify Communication with In-App Calling

Initiate and receive calls directly within EQUP, eliminating the need for external phone systems or applications. Our in-app calling enables concurrent calls with listed contacts, ensuring smooth communication.

Build Stronger Relationships

By enabling immediate and convenient communication, businesses can connect more frequently with customers, leading to deeper engagement and trust.

Improved Accessibility

Access communication tools within EQUP, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms or devices. Never miss important conversations regardless of location or device.

Streamlined Communication

Make calls, log conversations, and access call histories without switching between different applications or interfaces.

Call Recordings for Seamless Management

Never miss a detail with our call recording feature. By recording every conversation, businesses can review important details, analyze interactions, and maintain accurate records effortlessly.

Ensure Clarity and Precision

Ensure clarity and accuracy by capturing every detail of conversations. Refer back to recordings to verify information, resolve disputes, and ensure nothing has been overlooked.

Review and Refinement for Better Performance

Analyze calls to identify strengths and areas for improvement, allowing targeted coaching and training to enhance performance.

Training and Coaching Advancements

Use call recordings as valuable training materials for new hires and ongoing coaching sessions for existing team members. This will help them learn from both successful and challenging interactions.

Improve Collaboration and Expertise Exchange

Share insights, strategies, and best practices with the team by referencing specific call recordings for continuous learning and collaboration.

Want To Upgrade Your Communication Game? Try EQUP Today!

From seamless collaboration to efficient client interactions, EQUP offers tailored features to enhance your communication workflows.

Simplify Call Documentation with Note-Taking

No more manual note-taking during calls as EQUP automatically transcribes conversations, capturing crucial details and insights in real time. By eliminating the need for manual note-taking, call representatives can fully focus on the conversation, ensuring accurate record-keeping.

Focus on the Conversation

Let call representatives concentrate solely on the conversation without the distraction of manual note-taking for a deeper understanding of their needs.

Boost Productivity & Efficiency

Allocate more time to your representatives towards productive tasks, such as problem-solving and relationship-building.

Knowledge Sharing

Ensure everyone stays informed in your team through recorded conversation transcripts, facilitating knowledge transfer and collaboration.

Ensure Accuracy & Clarity

Ensure accurate and clear documentation of call details, eliminating errors and misunderstandings that may arise from manual note-taking.

Communication Tracking for Maximized Efficiency

EQUP provides comprehensive insights into your calling history, including call duration, frequency, and outcomes, allowing you to monitor and analyze your communication efforts. By centralizing call tracking, businesses can stay organized, prioritize follow-ups, and optimize their sales strategies for enhanced success.

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