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EQUP streamlines sales and marketing processes through automation at every stage of the funnel, alleviating common pain points.

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Key Features of EQUP That Drive Success In Sales & Marketing

EQUP offers an innovative solution with powerful features that streamline operations and accelerate growth in sales and marketing.

Online Bookings
Client Portal
Sales Pipelines
Social Media Scheduling
Email Marketing
WhatsApp Marketing
Business Flow Automation
AI Chat Bot
SMS Marketing
WorkFlow Automation

How EQUP Improves Sales & Marketing Efforts of Your Business?

From lead generation to customer retention, EQUP offers unique functionalities that ensure maximum efficiency and success in every aspect of your sales and marketing strategy.

Sales Management

EQUP allows businesses to customize different features like sales pipeline, online bookings, agreements and others the way they want, offering smooth operations and excellent customer experience.

EQUP’s custom CRM solution allows businesses to tailor the system to their sales and marketing workflows and data needs. They can create custom fields to capture industry-specific information, design personalized dashboards with relevant KPIs, and automate tasks tailored to your sales cycle.
  • Automate customer segmentation based on various criteria for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Automate communication (email, SMS, social media, chatbots) for consistent messaging across touchpoints.
  • Get a 360-degree customer view for holistic understanding, enabling personalized interactions.
  • Create custom fields to capture sales and marketing data relevant to your business.
  • Design personalized dashboards that display the most crucial for your business.

Allow your customers to schedule appointments, consultations, or demos online by integrating EQUP’s booking widget on your website. This not only relieves your sales reps from phone tag and manual scheduling but also provides 24/7 convenience to your customers, boosting lead qualification and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Customers can schedule appointments, consultations, or demos online.
  • Integrate your business calendar, showing real-time availability.
  • Automate appointment scheduling, confirmations, and follow-ups.
  • 24/7 availability maximizes lead capture opportunities.

EQUP acts as a centralized hub for all sales agreements, allowing you to easily create, store, track, and e-sign contracts in one secure location. This eliminates the need for scattered files and emails, reducing the risk of losing important sales documents or missing crucial deadlines.
  • Create, store, and track all agreements in a single secure location.
  • Send sales contracts for approval and set automated reminders for contract renewals.
  • Request your clients to electronically sign contracts shared through EQUP.
  • Maintain a secure digital record of all sales agreements.

EQUP acts as the visual command center of your sales operation from where you can see every potential deal progressing through distinct stages, from initial lead to closed sale. With a clear view of the pipeline, your sales team can prioritize their efforts and focus on high-potential deals for successful sales outcomes.
  • Gain a visual overview of your sales process.
  • Prioritize tasks based on their stage in the sales pipeline.
  • Monitor the progress of deals as they move through the pipeline.
  • Drag and drop functionality allows real-time deal management.

EQUP offers your clients a dedicated online space from where they can access important documents like sales contracts, invoices, and manage appointments. They can also share requested documents and communicate directly with their sales team. EQUP’s client portal is a place where both you and your clients have everything they need for a successful partnership.
  • Securely store and share important documents.
  • Share task lists and milestone updates with clients.
  • Maintain transparency by allowing clients to view invoices and update preferences.
  • Facilitate seamless communication between clients and your business.

Create professional sales estimates for your clients with ease, automatically converting them to invoices with a single click, and securely accepting online payments – all within a centralized platform. EQUP eliminates errors in estimation creation and sharing, ensuring a smooth experience for your clients.
  • Create and customize estimate templates quickly and easily.
  • Seamlessly convert estimates to invoices, streamlining sales to the billing process.
  • Automate repetitive tasks like sending payment reminders.
  • Accept secure online payments through integrated payment gateways.

Increase Lead Generation and Conversion Rates with EQUP!

Want to close more deals and boost your sales pipeline? Learn how EQUP manages them all through its sales and marketing management software.

Marketing Management

Make things easy for your marketing team by centralizing lead nurturing campaigns, tracking marketing performance alongside sales data, and offering insights to optimize campaigns for better lead generation.

Create, manage, and automate targeted email campaigns directly within EQUP. This eliminates the need for separate email marketing tools and centralizes the entire customer communication journey. Design professional email templates, segment your audience for personalized messaging, and track campaign performance metrics– all in one place.
  • Create email templates with drag-and-drop functionality and pre-built content blocks.
  • Segment your audience based on demographics, interests, or purchase history.
  • Automate email sequences based on user behavior.
  • Track key performance metrics to measure campaign effectiveness.

Create and send targeted text message campaigns to promote sales, share updates, or trigger time-sensitive offers within EQUP. With high open rates and immediate reach, SMS marketing cuts through the noise and delivers your message straight to your customer's pockets, empowering marketers to engage audiences effectively.
  • Reach customers instantly with personalized text messages.
  • Target your SMS campaigns through segmentation.
  • Automate scheduling, sending, and follow-up messages.
  • Foster two-way communication with customers through SMS.

Engage directly with your customers by broadcasting targeted messages, sharing rich media content like images and videos, and making the best use of chatbots to provide personalized support, all within EQUP. With high engagement rates and a familiar interface, WhatsApp Marketing builds strong customer relationships and drives sales conversions.
  • Send segmented broadcast messages to promote sales directly to WhatsApp inboxes.
  • Enhance engagement by including images, videos, and multimedia content.
  • Use chatbots to answer inquiries, or provide basic support.
  • Measure campaign effectiveness through message delivery rates, open rates, and CTRs.

Create engaging social media content in advance, schedule posts across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from a single interface, and then monitor conversations and brand mentions in real-time. EQUP offers AI assistance to create social media posts and images that better engage with your audience.
  • Pre-schedule social posts across multiple platforms.
  • Use AI for relevant image generation and draft content ideas.
  • Monitor engagement metrics like views, likes, and comments.
  • Manage all social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) in one dashboard.

Turn your website into a lead-generating machine by integrating your business Linkedin to EQUP. Your sales and marketing team can import linkedin lead data easily into EQUP’s system to manage everything from a centralized location. Find new leads on LinkedIn and connect with them via EQUP.
  • Integrate your LinkedIn to EQUP for Lead Generation through LinkedIn.
  • Identify and connect with potential LinkedIn leads directly Via EQUP.
  • Import your LinkedIn leads into the system for easy follow up and nurturing.
  • Automate LinkedIn lead generation like send connection requests and personal messages via EQUP.

AI-Powered Automation

Automate repetitive sales and marketing tasks to optimize strategies and drive business growth. With EQUP, create, define, and automate your business flow to ensure data-driven efficiency and personalization at every stage of the sales and marketing funnel.

EQUP automates your client lifecycle from lead capture through forms, LinkedIn, chatbots, WhatsApp, or calls to nurturing with email, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media. Booking widgets simplify appointment scheduling, while estimates and automated invoicing ensure timely payments. EQUP can be configured to run the entire client lifecycle on autopilot, freeing you up to focus on what matters most.
  • Automate lead capture through various channels such as forms, LinkedIn, chatbots, etc.
  • Automate personalized communication via email, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media to nurture leads.
  • Automate seamless payments with features like booking widgets and estimates.
  • Automate post-purchase or service marketing campaigns and feedback collection.

Through customizable automation rules, businesses can automate various aspects of their workflow, from lead nurturing to customer follow-ups, based on their unique requirements. Save time, improve productivity, and focus on strategic initiatives through workflow automation with EQUP.
  • Define certain parameters for automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows.
  • Save time and team productivity by automating routine sales and marketing tasks.
  • Automation enhances operational efficiency by reducing task delays.
  • Reduce errors and inconsistencies by automating data transfer processes.

EQUP acts as your tireless marketing assistant, handling repetitive tasks and personalizing customer journeys at scale. Create and automate multi-channel campaigns across email, social media, and even SMS based on audience segmentation. From lead scoring to sending email sequences triggered by specific actions and targeted messaging, manage it all with EQUP’s marketing automation.
  • Automate lead nurturing processes to guide prospects through the sales funnel.
  • Create and automate email campaigns to engage prospects.
  • Segment contacts based on demographics, behavior, or interactions for marketing actions.
  • Implement lead scoring to prioritize leads based on their engagement level and readiness to buy.

With EQUP, automate repetitive tasks like sending invoices and payment reminders, ensuring on-time payments. Create professional estimates for different sales and marketing inquiries, regardless of the channel you received them through. You can even automate estimate creation and seamlessly convert them into invoices by defining specific parameters during the initial EQUP setup.
  • Upgrade the invoicing process by automating the generation and delivery of invoices.
  • Create and customize estimate templates and automate estimation creation under certain conditions.
  • Set up recurring billing schedules for subscription-based services.
  • Track invoice status and payment history in real-time.

Answer lead inquiries and give 24/7 support to your customers with EQUP’s Chatbot. Our bot will act as a virtual assistant that can answer common questions, qualify leads, and even schedule appointments all by itself. It can understand customer queries and provide relevant information, or route them to the appropriate sales representative, resulting in high-level customer satisfaction.
  • Provide 24/7 customer assistance through AI chatbot.
  • Deliver personalized interactions to understand customer queries and preferences.
  • Reduce operational costs associated with customer support by using Bot.
  • Gather valuable customer data through chatbot interaction and use it later.

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