Our Client Portal Delivers Everything Your Clients Need, All in One Place

A dedicated space where your clients can effortlessly manage appointments, track payment histories, securely exchange documents, and handle much more.

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How EQUP’s Client Portal Streamlines Communication with Your Clients

EQUP’s client portal enhances client engagement and provides real-time updates for tasks, bookings, and invoicing, simplifying your client experiences!

Enhanced Client Engagement

Keep your clients informed about project progress and manage tasks efficiently with personalized to-do lists.

Improve Team Collaboration

Share documents, request necessary files, solicit signatures, and assign to-do tasks.

Simplify Client Experience

Give convenience and efficiency to your clients with one-click pay, quick bookings, and easy appointment scheduling.

Centralized Hub

Our client portal is a one-stop destination for your clients for quick access to documents, payments, and invoices.

Enhanced Client Engagement

EQUP’s Client Portal is a dynamic platform for smooth communication and collaboration. With real-time updates, clients stay informed about project progress and manage tasks efficiently with personalized to-do lists, while facilitating communication through note-sharing capabilities.

Real-time Status Updates

Our Client Portal provides real-time status of an order, project milestones, or service delivery, ensuring transparency and trust between you and your clients.

Client Task Management

Whether it's submitting required documents, or completing specific actions, the to-do list feature helps your clients easily view, prioritize, and check off tasks assigned to them.

Seamless Note Sharing

Clients can jot down questions, comments, or additional information and share them with your team. These notes provide clarity and context to specific projects, tasks, or discussions.

Automated Notifications

Clients get instant notifications for requested documents, signatures and tasks by your team. Automated reminders ensure that your clients share requested documents or take action on assigned tasks.

Improved Team Collaboration

Businesses can effortlessly share documents, request necessary files, solicit signatures, and assign to-do tasks—all within a single platform, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Effortless Document Sharing

Your team can upload documents, agreements, or any relevant materials directly to the client portal, enabling seamless sharing and access for all authorized parties for better collaboration.

Simplify Document Requests

Your team can send specific document requests to clients, specifying the type and format needed. Clients can then upload the requested documents directly to the portal, eliminating the need for lengthy email exchanges.

Accelerate Approvals

Your team can initiate signature requests for important contracts, agreements, or forms directly within the portal. Clients receive notification prompts to review and electronically sign documents, facilitating a paperless approval process.

Task Management Made Easy

Your team can create, assign, and track tasks that needs client attention from the user dashboard. Tasks can be categorized, prioritized, and assigned deadlines, ensuring that important action items are completed on time.

Empower Both Your Business and Clients with EQUP's Client Portal!

Provide your clients with an exclusive platform where they can seamlessly share documents, track task progress, and manage appointments, all in one centralized location.

Simplify Client Experience

EQUP provides convenience and efficiency to your clients with one-click pay, quick bookings, easy appointment scheduling, and smooth and secure transactions for ongoing services. This way, our client portal simplifies interactions for your team with our convenient functionalities.

Transactions with One-Click Pay

Your clients can quickly complete transactions without the hassle of entering payment details repeatedly. This feature encourages prompt payments, ensuring a seamless experience for your clients.

Instant Reservations through Quick Bookings

Your clients can easily browse available services and reserve their desired slots with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for lengthy phone calls or emails.

Convenient Scheduling with Appointment Management

Your clients can view your availability, choose suitable time slots, and book appointments according to their preferences, reducing administrative overhead and allowing them to schedule appointments at their convenience.

Seamless Card Details Updates

Your clients can securely update their payment methods, ensuring uninterrupted access to services or subscriptions. This eliminates the need for manual intervention from your team.

Centralized Hub for Better Management

Our Client Portal is a one-stop destination for quick access to documents, payments, and invoices. Your clients can conveniently upload, view, and manage important documents. They can preview and approve estimates with ease, and electronically sign agreements to expedite transactions.

Effortless Document Management

Clients can securely upload, store, and access important documents related to their projects or transactions. EQUP serves as a centralized hub that ensures all relevant documents are readily available for both clients and businesses.

Streamlined Payments and Invoices

Clients can view and download their invoices, make payments securely, and track their financial transactions in real time, reducing delays and enhancing transparency between the business and its clients.

Transparent Estimate Approval

Clients can review estimates and project proposals directly within the portal. They can provide feedback, request revisions, and ultimately approve estimates with just a few clicks.

Digital Agreement Signing

Our client portal enables clients to electronically sign agreements and contracts, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, and mailing physical documents.

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