EQUP is all you need to unlock customer retention and scalability with absolute ease

With over 20 years of experience in this field, we have carefully curated a platform based on the pain points of all businesses and included exactly what they need to convert a lead into a potential buyer, have efficient communication, and nurture every customer, new or old.

All in one smart crm software
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Smart CRM

Import contacts and segment them using advanced filters to customize contact list views according to your requirements. You can also save those filtered formats and name them for future use.

  • Add/Import Contacts
  • Advance Filter
  • Save Filter
  • Edit Columns
  • Custom Fields

Get personal with your customers and make data-driven decisions according to their demography, recent activity, purchase history, behavior analytics and more

  • Communication
  • Activity
  • Campaigns
  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Purchase History
  • Tags
  • Lead Score
  • Documents
  • Deals
  • Recent Website Interaction
360° Contact view

Make your own customer lifecycles and track it

Through the company page, you can view all your leads who are associated with particular companies with their deals in one place.

  • Communication
  • Associated Contacts
  • Primary Contact
  • Associated Deals

Deals & Sales Pipeline

EQUP has sales journey pipelines that have attributes that are customizable and shows your customer details which can be dragged and dropped manually or are automatically updated in real-time according to your customer activity. These are extremely powerful since it allows you to target specific audiences in specific ways.

Deals & Sales Pipeline

Marketing Automation

Save countless hours of manual labor work and improve customer experience by automating your marketing campaigns by defining simple workflows and rules or just choosing the pre-built ones provided by EQUP to trigger automation in different scenarios. These can be sending email and SMS to certain audiences, organizing and segregating your customers according to their activity, managing abandoned carts, etc.

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Customer Retention
  • Cross Sell
  • Promotional
  • Re-engage
  • Upsell
  • Festive Offer
  • Coupons
Marketing Automation

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation lets you do simple things that make a difference, like sending welcome emails post sign-ups, sending scratch cards to frequent buyers, or even complex and advanced activities like sending customized according to lead scoring, suggesting products related to purchase history etc.

What EQUP's Workflow Automation tools can do for you?

  • Assign Owner
  • Create Task
  • Create Deals
  • Text Sequence
  • Post data webhooks
  • Create Notes
  • Assign Tags
  • Upload lifecycle stage

and many more

Workflow Automation

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Lead Scoring

EQUP Scoring Module gives business owner and its sales team ability to focus only on those leads which are in high probability of purchasing the products. In EQUP you will find pre-built scoring rules which are designed after 12 years of experience in working with different industries. You can modify these rules according to your business requirements or can also create new rules.

Lead scoring

Omni Channel

EQUP lets you map your client’s journey and delivers a consistent experience across any customer touchpoint starting from pre-sales to post-sales and everything in between. Through EQUP, you can understand the journey of your target audience and identify what are their preferred channels to reach out to you to create an effective customer communication strategy that redefines the interaction and delivers and enhances customer service experiences.

  • WhatsApp
  • Email's
  • Messages
  • One Click Call
Omni Channel Communication

Website, Landing Page and
form tracking

EQUP goes beyond just marketing and lets you make website pages and forms using Tracking script. Websites help you to build your brand on the digital ecosystem and expand your market globally.

Landing pages provide a more service-targeted experience for your audiences and you can build both without any coding skills with EQUP!

Create engaging and impressive forms using the drag and drop form builder using eye-catching colors, text and images that match the ethos of your business and collect the information you want from your customer for further customer experience enhancement.

Website, Landing Page and form tracking

Smart Product Recommendation

Cross-Sell and Up Sell with EQUP by sending product recommendations via email that stay coherent with the users’ previous purchases or based on their interaction on your websites.

Smart Product Recommendation

Behavior Analytics

The best way to create a personalized experience for all your customer be it 30 or 30000 in number is when you can observe and analyze customer interactions with your site and sell them based on their behavior. Let them know you care.

  • Time of Visit
  • Demography
  • Time spent on page
  • Device
  • Visited Pages
  • Browser
  • Submitted Forms

Real Time Data Processing

It could serve a really bad impression if you send promotional emails of the wrong products to the wrong customers. Business intelligence and data is of no use unless it is updated by the system in real-time and EQUP works with incorrupt functionality when it comes to real-time updates.

  • API
  • Webhooks
  • Website Visits
  • Leads
  • Payments
  • Assign Tags
Real Time Data Processing

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